Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Larson for Roseville City School Board web site! 

For the past 15 years, I have had the great pleasure of calling the city of Roseville home.  Initially drawn to the area by the city’s character, warmth and values of its people, and vibrant and culturally rich history, I am as excited about being a resident today as I was in 2001.

While Roseville is indeed a great place to live, work and raise our families, our local schools have faced a host of challenges – a weakened economy, limited access to the latest technologies, the promotion of positive achievements and curbing bullying, classroom crowding and cuts to education budgets – that will require difficult decisions to be made.  This is a defining moment for Roseville.  The decisions made now for our school district will shape and impact our children’s future for decades to come.

Now, more than ever, it is critical that our local leaders bring not only experience but also effective leadership and communication skills.  As a successful business owner in Roseville, an active, involved community member, and a past president of the Planning Commission, I have a proven track record of listening to all sides of an issue, finding creative, inclusive solutions, and building common ground.

As a member of the Roseville City School Board, I will work tirelessly to:

  • Provide fiscally sound responsible leadership
  • Keep our students safe and work to ensure every child gets a school lunch
  • Build partnerships with local businesses and community groups.
  • Manage growth and development within the district.
  • Work with parents, faculty and staff to ensure that all voices are heard.
  • Increase availability of educational opportunities for our students.
  • Expand outreach programs for busy parents.
  • Establish a “future community leaders” mentoring program.

Please join me in making a difference.  I ask for your support on Tuesday, November 8th – together we can ensure that our Roseville students receive the best education possible.  I look forward to working with you in achieving this goal!

Warm Regards,